Video Analytics

Intelligent video surveillance systems, open platforms that allow the integration of any type of hardware or software, incorporate video analytics solutions edge-centered (analytics software embedded in the camera, for example) enhancing the optimization and automation capabilities of your operation and management processes.

Usually, there are many video surveillance recordings that are not watched. Suspicious behaviors and incidents happen and can go unnoticed, with no idea that they have ever existed and were not treated properly, thus preventing accidents.

With the video analysis associated to the recording process, we can not only better define what should and should not be recorded – beyond simple motion detection - but also apply rules to the images already recorded in order to allow faster searches.

These advanced features are applied to both recorded video and live video streams. Intelligent video systems can extract video and data from video streams and interconnect that information with other systems or applications, thus opening up a wide range of new opportunities, whether in the area of ​​integrated security, in business management or in an organization’s operations and production.


The main benefits are as follows:

  • Less need for storage and weight on the network;
  • Faster and more accurate information allowing for a better efficiency of the human resources involved;
  • Faster access to any relevant recordings;
  • New opportunities in business support tools.

And since there is an evergrowing offer in the analytics applications market, it becomes more difficult to choose the best solution. But not any more, with our experience and knowledge resulting from many projects where analytics was the differentiating point.