Privacy Policy

Mobpro is aware of the implications and of its responsibility to comply with the changes introduced in terms of protection of personal data, namely with the effects on May 25th, 2018 of the General Data Protection Regulation, approved by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 26, 2016. Mobpro thus undertakes the commitment to guarantee the protection of all personal data made available to it, having adopted in this view several security measures, both technical and organizational in order to protect personal data against any form of unlawful treatment. Mobpro is also committed to continuously improving the set of procedures and techniques implemented for the protection of personal data, also counting for that purpose on all the suggestions that the users of this site may send us. This Privacy Policy applies exclusively to the treatment of personal data by Mobpro collected through its website or commercial and promotional actions.  

1. Purpose of the treatment:

Personal data is collected exclusively for the following purposes:
  • Response to contact request from customers or potential customers;
  • Commercial management;
  • Improvement or customization of our services;
  • Sending newsletters and other promotional actions. Customers can cancel their subscription to the email newsletter service by clicking on the link in the newsletter sent by email.

2. Personal data collected:

The data collected is limited to the name and email address being used for the purposes set out in this policy, and can be obtained through:
  • Site contact form;
  • Face-to-face collection.

3. Consent:

Before the first promotional message or newsletter is sent, the data subject's express consent to the sending of this type of message will be requested. This consent will be requested via email and the data subject will only receive messages if he / she responds positively. If the answer is negative, your data will be deleted.

4. Retention Period:

The personal data collected will be retained as long as there is consent from the holders concerning that personal data whose collection requires consent, and all others will be kept as long as its conservation is legally mandatory or necessary for the performance of the contract.

5. Sharing of personal data:

The personal data collected may be shared for hosting and backup on servers located in Portugal, only by the companies in the Group.

6. Rights of holders:

In accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data, we inform that the data subject is guaranteed:
  • Right to be informed:
    • When collecting personal data:
      • Contacts of the controller
      • Purpose(s) of treatment
      • Conservation timeout
      • Your rights as holders of personal data
      • The possibility of appealing to the supervisory authority to file a complaint (and contact details)
      • The (eventual) existence of automated and / or profiling decisions.
    • Ask what information Mobpro has about them and why;
    • Know where they are stored, and how their data is treated;
    • Be informed of how Mobpro fulfills its data protection obligations.
  • Right of access:
    • Confirmation of the existence or not of processing your personal data;
    • Ask how to gain access to your data;
    • Provision of a copy of the processed personal data, preferably in an exportable format.
  • Right to correct, delete and block:
    • Be informed about how to keep it updated;
    • Ask how to gain access to your data;
    • Obtain rectification of outdated, incorrect or incomplete data;
    • Block the processing of this data to verify accuracy or opposition.
  • Right to limitation:
    • Contestation of the accuracy of personal data, during a period that allows the controller to verify its accuracy.
  • Right to removal / forgetfulness:
    • Solicitar a remoção dos seus dados e a eliminação definitiva dos que não colidam com obrigações legais.
  • Right to Portability:
    • Request the portability of your data;
    • Possibility to request your personal data in a format of frequent or common use, in order to carry out the transfer to another organization, even if it is a competitor.
The exercise of rights by the holders may be done through the e-mail address [email protected], also by post, posting a letter to the address below:  
  • Subject: Exercise of rights - protection of personal data
  • A / C: Privacy Mobpro, Lda
  • Rua Clube Atlético de Rio Tinto, 154
  • 4435-188 Rio Tinto
In general, personal data collected on the Mobpro website is not transferred to third parties, unless it is in compliance with a legal obligation. In the event of data transmission to third parties, Mobpro jointly with the subcontractors is responsible for data processing personal information in a fair, lawful and transparent manner. The subcontractor can only process personal data according to the instructions defined by Mobpro and always in strict compliance with the law and the purposes entrusted to it under the contract entered into. The transmission of personal data to subcontractors will only be carried out within the scope of contractually established relationships with Mobpro and only when there is a basis that justifies it. In order to guarantee the confidentiality and security of said data, Mobpro will take the legally established measures that guarantee that the subcontracted entity offers sufficient guarantees for the protection of personal data, that it is a reputable entity enforcing technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access and against any other form of illicit treatment, agreed, namely, through formalization by contract between Mobpro and the subcontracted entity in which the second undertakes to act only upon the instructions of the first regarding processing of personal data. Mobpro subcontractors will only process personal data for the purposes defined and agreed upon between the parties, as well as ensuring that data retention, when necessary and applicable, meets the deadlines established by law and / or contract. The holders of personal data must be informed when collecting their data about their possible sharing with Mobpro subcontractors, whenever possible with identification of the organization and respective contact, as well as the purpose of that sharing. In case the data is transferred to a Mobpro subcontractor in a third country outside the European Union, the latter must maintain a level of data protection equivalent to the protection provided by the legislation in force in Europe, namely that provided for in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. For international data transfers, at least one of the following procedures must be followed:
  • Individual contract or standard contractual clauses adopted directly by the European Commission or a supervisory authority;
  • Subcontractor's participation in an EU-accredited or recognized certification system or standard to ensure an adequate level of protection;
  • Recognition that the subcontractor's binding corporate rules guarantee an adequate level of data protection, issued by the supervisory authorities.
  • Existence of an adequacy decision concerning the third country, the specific territory or sector of that third country, or concerning the international organization.
The rules for making cross-border data transfers are not will apply where occasional operations are concerned and necessary to fulfill a contract or in the context of litigation (judicial, administrative, or that runs terms with regulatory bodies or similar).

8. Principles, security and rights:

Internal security and privacy standards: - Proceed with the data processing in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the necessary and pertinent information for the purpose for which they are intended; - Do not use the data collected for purposes incompatible with the collection; - Ensure the express consent of the data subject whenever this is required; - Guarantee free of charge the right to delete the data used when required by the holder; - Implementing security systems that prevent the consultation, modification or destruction of data by an unauthorized person and that allow detecting deviations of information, whether intentional or not.

9. Links to partner sites

The Mobpro website may contain links to third party / partner websites. The referred sites are not under the control of the Company and we are therefore not responsible for content from any of those sites. Users of the Mobpro website are recommended that, when accessing other websites, consult the pages that, within those websites, refer to their privacy policies.

10. Cookies:

When browsing the Mobpro website, cookies are used which, however, do not collect information that identifies the user. Generic information is collected, namely the way users arrive and use the sites. The information collected is used for the purpose of control of the number of visits and statistical studies, as well as to ensure that the website works correctly and facilitate navigation and improve the user experience.

11. Modification of Privacy Terms and Conditions:

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change or revision, without prior notice, due to legislative or regulatory requirements in accordance with the law in force. Since this Privacy Policy can be revised at any time, Mobpro recommends its users to review them periodically.

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