LED Traffic Lights

MOBPRO, together with its partners, implements vertical LED traffic signaling solutions, in accordance with the Traffic Signaling Regulation (RST).

This consists of signs or signaling panels that transmit a visual message, thanks to its location, its shape, its color and its type and also through symbols or alphanumeric characters. This signaling favors the legibility of the road, conveying to the driver a visual message containig all the information he needs.

The Vertical Signaling System covers:

  • Danger Sign
  • Regulatory signs
  • Indication signs
  • Variable message signaling
  • Cultural tourist signs

Vertical LED traffic signaling solutions: H7; Chevrons; Bays; Speed ​​signs; ...

The Intelligent Walkway uses pavement markers to brightly warn the driver about the existence of a pedestrian crossing. These markers together with vertical LED signals flashing and synchronized with the markers allow greater safety for both people and drivers.

MOBPRO has a wide range of products and solutions that provide for greater road safety.