Energy Efficiency – LED Lighting

The advancement of technological lighting solutions, together with the development of monitoring platforms, allow for significant reductions in energy consumption. The development of LED technology (Light Emiting Diode) came to benefit both indoor and outdoor spaces, including public lighting.

MOBPRO, together with our partners, provides lighting studies and the presentation of new and efficient lighting solutions. The lighting project aims to reconcile the function of each location, the environment in which it is located, whether indoor or outdoor, providing electricity savings.

The choice of luminaires and their calculation determines the necessary amount of light in each environment, providing better comfort for its users.

We offer LED lighting solutions with flexible solutions which stand out in terms of high performance over time, greater efficiency, connectivity and minimum energy consumption.

These solutions together with a specialized technical team with extensive experience in installing LED lighting, lead to a faster return on investment, as they are prepared to meet the requirements of Smart Cities.