Car Park Control and Management System

Covering all aspects of managing one or more car parks with local and/or remote administration, our solution encompasses all the processes of control, management and collection, and also the integration with additional systems such as video surveillance systems integrating license plate reading, barriers, access control, IP intercoms and signaling and information solutions, among others.

From the management of rotation tickets, the use of discount vouchers or the collection of excess from subscribers, access control systems for remote parks, collection boxes with cash, cards or a mix of both, we have a wide range of options and features.

The retractable bollard designed for limited access control to car parks, historic or pedestrian areas, schools, etc., is an access control and security device. These can be integrated into the global and real-time management of all accesses.

As a solution integrator, MOBPRO offers hydraulic, pneumatic and electric retractable bollards.


We have a specialized team of engineers able to create and adapt our solutions to any car park, integrating all systems and accessory elements necessary for the delivery of a "turnkey" project.