Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) technologies have revolutionized electronic security solutions, converting what previously was dispersed data hard to consult and impossible to correlate, into immediate, accurate and relevant information, allowing for the definition of strategies, improving processes and increasing productivity.

With the advanced analysis of the information collected by the various systems that make up an integrated security solution, it is possible to correlate data and present to the operator only the relevant information that allows him to decide correctly in the face of a certain event. Associated with the management of your business, this allows you to detect trends and business opportunities, assisting you in promoting goods and services that best suit your customers' behavior patterns. Applied to your organization's operations and production, it allows you to detect patterns, anticipate shortcomings and define improvement processes that increase the productivity and efficiency of your production processes.

We perform an analysis of each project and construct much more than just video surveillance solutions, access control or anti-intrusion systems. We design solutions thought and adapted to each client, based on advanced platforms that integrate video analysis functions, information from third-party systems and business applications, and the result is more accurate information with gains in efficiency, safety and productivity.