Automatic Traffic Signs

The traffic regulation light signaling system has as its essence the establishment of dynamic traffic control. The efficiency of traffic light signals, with the concern for a better service, is fundamental to ensure regular operation and increased safety.

MOBPRO offers traffic light solutions that allow continuous control adapted to the real traffic situations in the zones and places to be regulated.

We made available innovative solutions that allow us to meet the challenges of the market, through remote monitoring of the existing traffic light network, registering events, inoperability, or power failures in real time, responding to the needs of the various stakeholders.

We transform systems into easy-to-manage solutions through platforms that enable quick analysis of operations, providing a global view of the status of traffic light signals, their operating time, and even create and manage calendar events for the automatic management of the traffic light status.

Mobpro's great commitment to using the best technology and intelligence in the incorporation of IT solutions, allows to integrate and optimize operations, reducing costs and improving people’s life quality, in addition to ensuring greater safety and practicality in the use of roads and in the traffic flow.