A security audit allows you to assess the effectiveness of the security policies implemented by your organization. Our audits will show you the vulnerabilities and possible flaws that may exist in your current systems and procedures.

We evaluate any number of reasons for non-compliance with existing security procedures in an organization, from non-compliance with the rules for ease or convenience to resistance to change, forgetfulness or simply carelessness. Companies or organizations with dispersed locations or with different realities of multipurpose teams are a challenge in defining and implementing global security procedures.

By revealing not only the vulnerabilities and flaws in your organization, you can find out their causes, thus enabling you to establish a security program based on effective policies which are easy to manage and which allow you to achieve satisfactory results.

Our security audits also play a key role in internal or external investigations, whenever anomalies are detected or serious flaws are suspected. We can use the information collected to not only assist in litigation and / or legal processes, but also to improve internal control in order to mitigate future problems.