Access Control

Traditional access control systems have a common identifying feature: they are proprietary. Which means that the customer is bound to a single solution, without being able to choose other manufacturers or integrators that best meet his evolving needs. And this platform which does not communicate with others quickly becomes an island within the organization.

Open platforms have also reached Access Control systems, allowing at the present day the use of agnostic hardware below the management platform of choice, in addition to a great evolution in the security of access control solutions, with new standards that use strong encryption from credentials to data validation and communication, and other forms of authentication such as biometrics or NFC.

We work with the most advanced open access control platforms, which we combine with other systems such as video surveillance, intrusion or video analytics, so that though a single interface we can globally manage the entire system, be it the management of one or multiple buildings, ensuring that the relevant information always reaches the system operators in real time without any complications.

In the design of access control solutions, we follow a basic and fundamental rule: the safety of human life above all. Seeming simple and obvious, this rule seems to conflict with the main objective of the system: to keep a certain area safe. And in combination with any number of requirements and possibilities for entry and exit that can happen in a given area, this rule quickly becomes complex to guarantee.

With accredited and experienced technicians in the design and integration of electronic access control systems with other life protection systems (such as Fire Safety Systems), these codes and standards are the basis for the design of the access control solutions we build, always applying the best market practices to ensure full compliance with legal provisions and, above all, to protect human life.