About Mobpro

MOBPRO is one of the companies of the MBit Group, dedicated to the design, implementation, support and monitoring of complete solutions in mobility, security, control and signage, energy efficiency, focusing on the constant innovation and improvement of our technological solutions.
Founded in 1992, MBit is the result of a vision based on the values of demand, quality and proximity, the basic principles that enable us to always provide our customers with the best solution at the best price.
MOBPRO aims at designing and developing innovative solutions, strongly commiting to training and technical certification, currently having in its staff an experienced team, passionate about technology and innovation, able to know its customers’ needs and design the most appropriate and effective solutions.
Resulting from the different needs of our clients, our products, solutions and services are personalized, always ensuring the best levels of service quality, through highly qualified resources.
MOBPRO is particularly successful due to its range of innovative products and services, while providing support and technical assistance through a team of specialized technicians.  
We are committed to creating strong and trusting relationships with our clients and business partners in an open and collaborative spirit.